Orphan Kittens Take to Husky and Think She’s Mom

An orphaned kitten and his brothers came to rescue, in need of love. A sweet Husky took them under her wing.


Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue


About two weeks ago, Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue (in San Jose, California) received a request about a litter of 2-week-old kittens needing rescue.

“They were brought into the shelter late. Most rescues were full and bottle babies require extra work,” Thoa Bui of Mini Cat Town said.

Thoa and her sisters took them in so they could be cared for around the clock in the comfort of a home. “They were a little crusty and dirty, but doing fine otherwise.”

The four feline brothers, Audi, Tesla, Ferrari, and Bentley, gobbled down their bottle of kitten formula like champs. After getting all cleaned up, they drifted off for a nap in their comfy, warm bed.


Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue


Lilo, the resident Husky, heard their little squeaks and insisted on offering help. The kitten-adoring canine has cared for many orphaned kittens, and each time her family brings home new babies, she gets excited to see them.


“When the kittens met Lilo, they automatically ran towards her, thinking she was their mom,” Thoa shared this.


Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue


Audi, the bravest of the four, took quite a liking to his canine friend and climbed all over her for comfort. She clung to Lilo and followed her around like a tiny duckling.

“Audi really loves Lilo — she is the closest thing they have to a mom for sure.”


Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue


The sweet Husky is in pure bliss whenever she is around kittens. Every time she hears their meows, she comes running to make sure they are OK.

Lilo supervises the little ones when they eat and watches over them every step of the way. After every feeding, she gives a thorough bath, cleaning them from head to toe.


Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue


The doting canine has a soft spot for kittens in need, and the little feline babies adore her and find comfort being with her.

Watch Lilo and the kittens in this video:



She is always there for the kittens when they need a cuddle. Lilo is very attentive and nurturing to all her foster as if she’s caring for her own.


Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue


The litter is tight-knit — they are never far from each other. “They kind of travel in a group, and Ferrari is usually leading,” Thoa said.

It was Audi’s turn to weigh in, but Tesla decided to join in the fun – double the trouble!


Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue


The kittens just turned four weeks old, and they are starting to try some big kitty food.

“Ferrari and Bentley liked it. Tesla and Audi weren’t so sure. Some kittens take longer than others, and that’s okay.”


Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue


The kittens are growing by leaps and bounds, and Audi the brave is starting to explore.


He’s still Lilo’s biggest fan and loves to curl up in his canine mama’s arms for some extra TLC.


Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue


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