Woman Buys A House And Quickly Realizes It Comes With A Cat

Giselle Bodin Lyons recently bought a house and was excited to start moving her stuff in. Her new house is only about 20 minutes away from her old place, so she decided to start transferring stuff over slowly, taking her time with the process. On one of her visits she was preparing for another day of unpacking — and suddenly realized she wasn’t alone.

There, hanging out in her garage, was a cat, who apparently had already claimed the house for herself.


Giselle Bodin Lyons


“I just bought a house,” Lyons wrote in a post on Facebook. “It apparently came with a cat. No one told me. I don’t even have a sofa yet, but I have a pet?”


Lyons works with a local rescue organization, so she wasn’t that fazed when the cat showed up. If the house came with a cat, then it came with a cat — but she figured she’d wait and see if the cat was just a passing visitor or a regular tenant.


Giselle Bodin Lyons

The cat, of course, was not fazed either and loved hanging out around the house while Lyons unpacked her stuff. Lyons decided to leave food and water out for her new friend, just in case.

She’s seen the cat on a few other visits since then …


Giselle Bodin Lyons

and she’s made it very clear that anything Lyons brings along is now her stuff, too. After all, it was her house first!


Lyons hasn’t officially moved in yet, but as soon as she does, she’ll see if the cat officially lives there too — and Lyons definitely wouldn’t be opposed to that.


Giselle Bodin Lyons


“If I move in and she is still around, I will take her in for a health check and decide from there,” Lyons said.

“I work with a local rescue organization so I’d put her through our normal vetting procedures before adopting her if I did.”

Sometimes we find pets, sometimes they find us — and apparently, sometimes they come with the houses we buy.


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