Woman Writes “About Me” Pages For Her Cats So They Can Make Friends With The Neighbors

Midnight, Lightning and Nebula are all extremely different cats but have one thing in common — they love watching over their neighborhood.

Whether it’s from their mom’s bedroom window or out in the yard, the three sisters love keeping an eye on things, and lately, all of their neighbors love watching them, too.

“We don’t always get so much foot traffic, but with the coronavirus lockdown, all our neighbors are out wandering,” Chris Ma Spoonóg, the cats’ mom, said.

“All of a sudden, the girls have a big audience.”


Chris Ma Spoonóg

Spoonóg noticed that a lot of people, especially kids, seemed to enjoy watching her cats as they passed by her yard, and she was thrilled that her cats were bringing as much joy to the neighborhood as they do to their family every day.

“I noticed Nebula sort of licking or nuzzling something in the windowsill, and it was a very used toy tiger,” Spoonóg said.


“I flipped, I thought she stole it! And then I saw a little blonde head out on the path! It was a very shy little girl, sharing her favorite toy with a nice kitty.”


Chris Ma Spoonóg

After that, Spoonóg couldn’t stop thinking about all the kids watching and interacting with her cats — and suddenly, she had the best idea. She decided to make “About Me” pages for each of her cats and display them in the window for the whole neighborhood to enjoy.


Chris Ma Spoonóg

“I thought she and other kids passing might like to be able to pet Nebs and just have something fun to read on their little walks,” Spoonóg said.


“Our world is so small and repetitive right now, a little brightness can’t be a bad idea, right?”


Chris Ma Spoonóg

Spoonóg quickly set to work writing up the “About Me” pages. Luckily, her cats all have such distinct personalities that creating the pages wasn’t hard at all.


Chris Ma Spoonóg

“The girls all have so much character, the bios practically wrote themselves,” Spoonóg said.


Chris Ma Spoonóg



Now, the whole neighborhood can get to know Midnight, Lightning and Nebula, and hopefully feel a little more connected to each other.

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