Kittens Found in Plumbing Shop, are Rescued in the Nick of Time

A litter of three kittens was rescued from a plumbing shop just in time.


Little Wanderers


Little Wanderers, a cat rescue in New York, received an urgent plea from a plumbing shop in Bellerose, Queens. Three kittens (born to a feral cat) had been living in the basement and were in desperate need of rescue.

Due to the pandemic, the owner was closing his shop and wanted to get the kittens to safety before locking the door. A volunteer of Little Wanderers responded immediately and rushed to the scene.

The kittens all had an eye infection and needed medical attention. Bierka, another volunteer, took them in and began cleaning and treating their eyes, feeding them around the clock.


Little Wanderers


“They were saved just in the nick of time. The shop would have closed with them in it,” Little Wanderers shared this.



A rescuer went back to look for the cat mother but she was nowhere to be found. The feline trio, Delilah (tabby), Petunia (gray) and Sonny (black), received the medical care they needed and were nursed back to health.


Little Wanderers


Delilah, the runt of the litter, was just half the size of her siblings. With proper care and plenty of love, she quickly gained quite the appetite and began to put on weight.

A week later, the kittens graduated from their bottles and learned to eat on their own.


Little Wanderers


Natasha Enam, a volunteer of the rescue, took over the rest of the foster duties. The three little musketeers continued to make strides every day.

“If the kittens didn’t make it out of the shop in time, they would not have survived locked in there,” Natasha shared this.

“Now, they are all potty trained and eat regular cat food.”


Little Wanderers


The feline siblings share an adorable bond and do everything together as a trio. Sonny is the bravest of all, and his sisters follow his lead, creating all sorts of antics around the house.

Watch the kittens’ journey in this cute video:





“I’m so glad they were saved, especially during this time. Everyone did their part to help,” Natasha said.

“I work for a home care agency (in New York) so you can imagine the number of callouts I’m dealing with on the side. The kittens make the day much easier.”


Little Wanderers


Delilah, the smallest littermate, is determined to catch up in size with her siblings. She is tiny but has a big personality.

“She is always the first one to start eating and the first to finish her meal.”


Little Wanderers


In a few more weeks, the kittens will be ready for a place of their own.



No more worries about food and shelter, these feline siblings are loving their VIP life as spoiled indoor cats.

Little Wanderers


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