Kitten Finds Creative Way To See What Mom Is Doing On Kitchen Counter

Ever since he joined his family, Salem has been an incredibly determined, confident kitten. He’s never met a problem he couldn’t solve, and no matter what challenges are thrown his way, he’s always willing to face them head-on.

“He’s so smart and so determined that he will always find a way to get what he wants,” Samantha Burshaw, Salem’s mom said.

Samantha Burshaw

Salem is still just a tiny kitten, so there are a lot of places in his house he can’t quite reach yet. This is definitely frustrating for him since he’s so curious — but he’s always trying to find a way to make it work anyway.


“He is still quite young so he can’t quite get up onto things like counters or full-height tables,” Burshaw said. “He also has short legs even for a Persian so that doesn’t help. He clearly is capable of finding other ways to get where he wants to go, though!”

Samantha Burshaw

Recently, Burshaw was chopping vegetables at the counter when Salem decided he desperately needed to be picked up. He tried to get his mom’s attention by pawing at her legs and feet. When that didn’t work, he decided to try and find another way.

Burshaw kept chopping, figuring Salem had gone off to play somewhere, and then she looked up  

Samantha Burshaw

… and saw Salem’s little face peering over the counter at her?


Burshaw went to investigate how exactly he had gotten up to the counter, and realized he had somehow managed to stand straight up on his scratching post, like a little acrobat.

Samantha Burshaw

“I laughed so hard,” Burshaw said. “He has gotten up on the scratching post a few times before then but he’s never stood up like a meerkat like that. He was standing there for a few minutes before he decided it was too far of a jump.”

Samantha Burshaw

Eventually, Salem decided not to risk it and went back to trying to find other ways to get his mom’s attention. Even though he still likes to perch on the scratching post sometimes, he’s never stood up like that again, and his mom figures he’s probably a little embarrassed it didn’t work out the way he had hoped.


“He’s back to just begging to be picked up, he’s too proud to try the scratching post again,” Burshaw said.


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