Stray Kitten Rescued from Fire, Cuddles Man and Won’t Let Go

An orange tabby who was rescued from a fire amazed everyone with his incredible will to live.


A stray kitten was found by firefighters after a garage fire in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada last year. The 5-week-old kitten was rushed to the Walden Animal Hospital where they discovered third-degree burns on his paws and a few places on his back and head.

The veterinary team sprang into action to treat his wounds and manage his pain. They carefully cleaned off the soot, bandaged him up, and looked after him around the clock.


Despite the unthinkable ordeal, the kitten was so thankful to be helped and snuggled up to the staff for some much-needed TLC.

Walden Animal Hospital

The tabby whom they named Dobby, didn’t mind wearing the sock-like dressings on his paws and was a real trooper every time he received medical care. The staff took turns cuddling with him and made sure he was always loved.

Rob Maguire from Manitoulin Island came across Dobby’s story on social media. “You could see the pain in his eyes in some of the initial pictures,” he shared that. “That was the part that really got me.”

Walden Animal Hospital

When he was in Sudbury one day, he contacted the animal hospital for a visit with the little miracle kitten. “The day I met him, we hit it off immediately. He was all bandaged up, and all he wanted to do was play.”


When it was time for Rob to leave, the kitten clung to his arm and wouldn’t let go.

Walden Animal Hospital

“Dobby kept trying to climb my arm and I truly didn’t want to leave him either,” Rob said.

“We made lots of eye contact and he melted my heart. I felt like I had known him forever.”

Rob continued to follow the kitten’s progress online and never stopped thinking about him. He knew he would come back for his little feline friend someday.

Walden Animal Hospital

Dobby lost a few toes during his recovery but it didn’t bother him a bit. Once they removed all the bandages, he got right back on his paws and started scampering around the room, playing with toys as if nothing had happened.

“We were concerned that residual pain and contracture would prevent him from using his paw. He proved us wrong pretty fast,” Walden Animal Hospital wrote on Facebook


When Dobby was ready to find a family of his own, a familiar face showed up — it was Rob, his old pal who came to foster-to-adopt him.


The kitten was thrilled as he left the animal hospital for his new home. “He has some feline siblings to play with, and a dedicated dad who is a match made in heaven.”


Dobby quickly settled into his new abode. He climbed up the castle Rob had built for his cats and claimed it as his own. The other resident cats, Swift, Orion, and Norisle, accepted him right away.


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