16-Year-Old Cat Lost His only Home, Tells His New Family How Happy He is to be Loved Again

This sweet 16-year-old kitty lost the only home he knew. When he came to his new home, he wasn’t so sure and didn’t want to come out from hiding… But love changed everything!

Meet Orion!

Orion lost the home he grew up and grew old in and found himself in a new home at Kitty Adventure Rescue League, a cat sanctuary in Fort Worth, Texas in March. He was very shy and was hiding for a week.


“He lost his only home, and he’s unsure of his new one, but he sure likes to sneak up and cuddle when you’re taking a nap. Welcome home, Orion. We’re happy to have you,” Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League said.

18-year-old resident cat Britches came to offer Orion some comfort and lots of purrs.

When Orion finally realized that he now has a home and it’s forever, he came out of his shell and love started pouring out from this little feline.

He was so happy that he did what he always does when he feels loved…

Head bonks and more head bonks!


Orion tells his human how happy he is to have a place to call him forever home!


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