Policeman Swerves Past Chunk Of Ice On The Road, Then Realizes It’s A Frozen Kitten

Two police officers in Weyburn, Saskatchewan were watching over the highway during a heavy blizzard. Cpl. Sean Chiddenton then saw what looked like a chunk of ice on the highway, and he quickly stopped in his tracks.

When he looked back, he realized what had first looked like a block of ice was actually a frozen kitten.

Saskatchewan RCMP via Facebook

“I saw something on the road at the last second and swerved around it,” he wrote on the Saskatchewan RCMP Facebook page. “I thought it was a chunk of ice that had fallen off semi at first, but then thought it looked like an animal,” Cpl. Chiddenton wrote on Facebook.


The officer driving behind him, Cst. Ryan Oram, couldn’t swerve quickly, but fortunately, his car passed straight over the kitten, causing no harm. Right after, Oram stopped his car and got out to check on the kitten. The ginger kitten miraculously walked towards him, meowing to have them notice him.

“Our best guess is he was somewhere under a vehicle to get out of the elements. When the vehicle drove away he possibly was still in it and at some point, he either jumped or fell out onto the highway,” Cpl. Chiddenton wrote on Facebook.

Prairie Animal Health Centre via Facebook

Oram put the little kitten in his car and rushed him to a veterinary clinic. The vets immediately treated the cat for hypothermia and frostbite. The poor cat was so cold, the vets couldn’t record a body temperature for 45 minutes.

Despite being in such a condition, the little kitty refused to give up on life. Once he got a few warm baths, the kitten slowly started to come around.

“His attitude and personality started coming back and it was just very rewarding for us for sure and even more so for the kitten,” Dr. Catherine Colodey, one of the vets who worked on the kitten, said.

When Cpl. Chiddenton went to check on the kitten, he was excited to see how well he had progressed. He wrote:
“I checked in later to see what happened and was happy to see the little guy was alive and alert and meowing away!”

Prairie Animal Health Centre via Facebook

Once he got better, the kitten never stopped meowing! The vets went on to say that the little one was like a little lion!

Saskatchewan RCMP via Facebook

Andrea Clarke, one of the vets on the case, totally fell in love with the little kitten.


She named him Ambrose and decided to adopt him. After all that he went through, this tiny kitten had a wonderful forever home!

Andrea Clarke via Facebook

Ambrose is doing wonderful in his new home. He loves his new home now, and he’s very close to Clarke’s daughter.
“He’s got her wrapped around his furry little finger!” Clarke wrote on Facebook.

Andrea Clarke via Facebook

Even though Ambrose was in such a bad situation, his will to live was incredible. You have to admire his energy and drive to survive.


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