Tiniest Kitten Rescued by Big Guy They Never Expected, Now 2 Years Later

A tiny kitten was delivered to an animal rescue group by an unlikely character in the early hours of one morning.

Two years ago, Kitten Inn, a rescue group in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, got a visitor at 3 AM in the morning.

“I was awoken by someone knocking on my door. I quickly got up to see who it was,” Susan McNair, founder of Kitten Inn, said.


A bearded man covered in tattoos was hammering at the door. “A mountain of a man stood before me dressed in his leather’s and very scruffy, he said he needed my help.”

They weren’t sure what he needed until the man reached into his jacket and pulled out the tiniest little kitten.

“He told me he had been at a party and some young girls were handing around this kitten, he did not like what they were doing and had taken the kitten off them.”

The man wanted the rescue group to look after the tiny feline. They asked for his name… “He didn’t want to give me his name because he said his friends wouldn’t understand his love of cats.”

“As he passed me over this little bundle I saw the tears well up in his eyes, he also gave me $100 to help with the kittens care.”

They named the little tabby Harley and her rescuer Harley’s Angel.


“At first Harley was put with a Mumma cat who already had kittens, she was the biggest but as the weeks followed her adopted siblings grew but she did not.”

Harley didn’t grow much in size, but the little tabby girl grew so much in affection, constantly asking for cuddles.

She was so tiny that she was smaller than a shoe.


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