Cat Owner Walks Into Bathroom – Captures Video Of Kitty Talking To His Reflection

Everyone needs a pep talk sometimes. There are people that even go as far as to repeat a mantra in the mirror to themselves to get ready for the day. This cat, Perseus, seems like he is doing something along those lines from his owner’s bathroom counter.

We all know that cats are interesting creatures, but Perseus seems to have a strange new hobby. His owner caught him on video growling at himself in the mirror.

It could have been for a number of reasons. Maybe he was intimidated and thought that it was another cat looking at him, invading his territory, rather than just a reflection of himself.


Or maybe he was just looking into a mirror for the first time and the sounds he was making were because he was confused at what he was seeing. Or he could have truly been just admiring his good looks, who knows with cats anyway?

Whatever Perseus’s reasons were for staring into the mirror, it was starting to concern his owners. First, we just see them and hear a little bit of the cameraman talking to his pet, asking him what’s wrong. But after this goes on for a while a few more people enter the scene to help try and figure out what’s wrong with the cat.
“I don’t even know how to deal with this situation,” says the man behind the camera.

After one of them tries to grab him and he gets more defensive, and she backs off, worried that he’s getting too stressed out. The wonder what to do, and try distracting.


The third girl in the video goes to get a toy, but even the string right in front of his face can’t break him away from the cat in the mirror.

Eventually one of them has the idea that he needs something to block his view. They think the cat believes there is another cat in the mirror, and if he doesn’t see it, he’ll back off.

One of the girls gets a pillow and the put it directly in front of his face, and he pauses, but he can still see his own feet and continues to growl. They drop it down a little further and he stops.

You can tell Perseus is still nervous, but he’s calm enough that one of his owners picks him up and moves him to the floor.

The viewers in the comments really had fun with their theories of what was wrong with Perseus. For example “he just found out he was a cat” and “he’s threatening himself” were just some of the most popular comments.


The owners also explained that he is a rescue and they’re just learning what some of his ticks are. Talking to himself in the mirror has become a regular thing for this kitty.

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