Random Cat Likes What She Sees In Store’s Window Display

The other day, while going about his business in Istanbul, Turkey, animal lover Ahmet Selki spotted a random street cat who was apparently out doing the same.

The cat was staring in at a window display, where something seemed to have caught her eye.

Ahmet Selki

As Selki looked on, it became obvious that the cat wasn’t interested in clothes — but rather the colorful little ball pit the store had set up as a decoration.


The window display had worked, though the store likely wasn’t expecting to attract a client quite like this. Regardless, the cat had clearly found exactly what she was looking for.

Here’s the video of what happened next:


Inside the shop, the cat continued to play for quite some time, receiving a remarkably warm reception from employees. Turns out, that “purchase” may not have been so spontaneous after all.

“The people at the store didn’t seem surprised,”. “I guess that this was not the first time it’s happened.”

Selki, who works caring for homeless pets in his neighborhood, has taken inspiration from the cat’s obvious enjoyment.

“I am planning to make a ball pit for stray animals, and invite them to have fun,” he said. “This video shows us that animals need fun as much as they need food and shelter.”