California Man Turns His Home Into Cat Paradise For His 22 Rescue Cats And A Very Good Cause

Peter Cohen owns a construction company by day and homes a cat sanctuary the rest of the time. His 22 cats, Smokey, Vanilla, Poppyseed, Butter, Nutter, Coffeebean, Donut, Secret, Cheesecake, Chocolate, MiniBean, Climber, Mikan, Mango, Nugget, Smudge, Jupiter Jones, Blackbird, Cookie Monster, The Professor, Crumple, and Rumple are all truly in good paws, I mean hands, living with Cohen because of his dedication to his furry, feline rescues is unparalleled. After Cohen read Bob Walker’s book The Cats’ House, which highlighted the catwalks the author constructed for his cats, he was inspired to add some of the elevated catwalks to his own home for his own cats!

In an interview with Adventure Cats, Cohen said:

Once I saw the cats loved them, it became a kind of never-ending hobby. Further, as we added more catwalks, we could add more cats!

Spoken like a true cat lover, indeed.

All of the feline-features in Cohen’s home were designed by him! The carpenters that work for his construction company helped finish the work, though.

In an interview with catster, Peter said, “the first catwalks were installed in the upstairs master bedroom, around 1997. From then on, it just kind of grew into a hobby. I would often trade tools with some of the finish carpenters who would build the catwalks in their downtime. We would figure out something fun to build and they would then have pretty much free license to be creative.”

The home may have been re-imagined with cats in mind, but it’s easily enjoyable by Cohen as well.

Cohen says he appreciates the architectural details and colors while the cats have the entire house, top to bottom, to explore, climb, run, and snuggle.


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