Cat Sees Rain For The First Time And Loses Her Mind

Must catch raindrops! 😂

Betty’s family adopted her six months ago from a local vet clinic, so she’s still learning about her new home. Betty is an indoor cat, but she loves watching the world through her windows, and sometimes her mom will carry her outside and let her play there supervised as a special treat.

Morgan Smith

As Betty was staring out the window recently, something happened that she’d never seen before — it started to rain.

“I could see her peeking out the screen door in confusion,”

Smith decided to take Betty outside and let her experience the rain firsthand …

… and her reaction was absolutely priceless.

“She was very confused,” Smith said.

Morgan Smith

Betty frantically tried to catch the rain, overwhelmed and shocked by the water falling from the sky.

Eventually, Smith took Betty back inside — but that didn’t stop her from continuing to try and figure out the whole rain situation.

Morgan Smith

“When I took her back inside she ran straight to the door again to catch the rain,” Smith said.

Eventually Betty calmed down and moved on with her day, but her family can’t wait to see what happens next time it rains.