5 Treatments to Cute Cat Dry Skin Problem



Dry skin is a common concern in cats. As winter is coming. The cold climate surely gives dry skin to your pet. In cold winter, human also faces these issues. Except for the cold climate, some of the kitty cats still have cat skin problems. There is a lot of reason to have dry skin. If your cute cats or cute kitten have a dry skin problem, then here I suggest you some of the treatment to cure cat skin disease. You should all about cats if you are a cat lover. Let’s know about the cat’s skin treatment.

Proper Nutrition
Proper nutrition and a better diet help a cat to be healthy. A good amount of protein in cat food can treat the cat’s skin issue like dry skin. Commercial cat foods are low in proteins and high in carbs. This is absolutely opposite what cat requirement of being healthy. You should consider the higher protein car food every time you go for cat shopping. You can also add protein in the form of wet food or vegetable like carrot, peas, broccoli, etc.

Proper Supplements for cats
If your cat already has a proper diet, then you should consider Omega 3 supplement. Omega 3 supplement is essential to supplement for cats. Do a little research every time that cat food contains Omega-3 fatty acids? Fish oil is beneficial and gives better skin moisture to cats. It is ideal to mix 1/8 of a teaspoon of very fresh fish oil to its food every day to cure dry skin problems. Other general supplements like Dermatrix, that includes keratin for skin health The fresh salmon in a week also gives support healthy skin and coat in Persian cats and other cat breeds.


Cat Grooming and cleaning
You shouldn’t use shampoo or any soap in a cat bath if your cat is suffering from dry skin problems. Instead, use a daily car brushing with a cat brush. Cat brushing is a good cat grooming habit. It increases the blood circulation in the cat’s skin and clears the scalp to breathe. Brushing removes the dead fur and makes space for a new coat. It is good to use natural oil on cat skin while brushing. Natural oil gives moisture to the skin. Mix a teaspoon of natural oil to water and lightly spread it to the cat coat. Take care it does not go to the cat eyes. It is an instant way to treat dryness. Shaved cat is easy to moisture, you can consider it as well.


Daily Household Changes
Like in winter, you can use a heater to make the air a little warm. Dry heat air brings a humidifier into the room and your cat can feel relax to their dry skin.

There is a possibility that your cat to allergic to some household things like detergents, floor phenyl, room fresher, your perfume, your flavor lotion, cat shampoo, etc. Try to find your cat allergy issues. Allergies also cause dry skin problems. Try to change the environment that causes skin problems in your loving cat.