Man faces 5 years prison for allegedly throwing the cat at the cop


A Russian man is facing five years in prison for allegedly using a cat as a weapon to attack a police officer in Moscow, local media is reporting.

Gennady Scherbakov, 59, was reportedly heavily drunk when he grabbed a feline that was nearby, shook it and threw it at an officer in October of last year when he was responding to noise complaints from residents.

The unique altercation left the officer “seriously scratched” in the face, according to Russian broadcaster Ren TV.

Residents in the area had reported a disturbance at an apartment block in the city, but when the officer responded to the property, Scherbakov refused to answer any questions, according to the outlet.

Scherbakov, who was sitting at the foot of a stairwell in a residential building, grabbed a cat by the shoulder blades and threw it at the policeman. The feline reportedly stuck to the officer’s face, sinking its claws in.

The officer reportedly suffered “physical pain, moral harm and multiple scratches on the left side of his face,” according to the Independent.

Scherbakov denies perpetrating the attack and claims the cat launched at the officer all on its own.

A former prosecutor told the website Mediazona that the case was opened nearly a year after the incident took place in order “to blame the district prosecutor for poor supervision of the investigation.”

Scherbakov faces criminal charges of violence against police, which carries a maximum sentence of five-year imprisonment, and a fine of $3,125.

It’s not clear what happened to the cat.