It’s National Black Cat Day! Here are five facts to know about our black feline friends


Black cats are adopted less than other cats due to the superstition surrounding the felines.
Black cats get a bad rap, especially during Halloween season, when they’re associated with witches and other scary things that go bump in the night.

It sounds like spooky fun, but their reputation as an omen of bad luck has real consequences. Experts say black cats are less likely to be adopted and some people even harm them.
National Black Cat Day aims to eliminate the stigma by celebrating black cats for the cute, loveable, furry friends they are.
Here are five things everyone should know about black cats:

1-In some cultures, black cats are good luck

In the United States, many people believe black cats bring bad luck or are altogether evil. But it’s not a belief shared across all cultures.
In Britain, Japan, and Ireland, a black cat crossing your path is considered a sign of good luck.
And in ancient Egypt, cats were considered an embodiment of the gods and worshiped. In fact, the cat goddess Bastet was the part black cat and part woman, illustrating just how much black cats meant to that society.

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