Cat Destroys Owners Headphones And Comes Back With A Snake As A Replacement

At least he tried! As far as cute stories go, this one is one of the cutest. If you don’t mind snakes that is. Cat owner, Haryanto, shared the adorable pictures on Facebook.


Proud kitty-owner, Haryanto, was sitting on his bed with his little feline friend as she played with his headphones


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Soon enough, the chewing and playing did take its toll of the item:

Haryanto criticized the cat and it ran away.

  Poor kitty couldn’t live with the guilt…

An hour later, Haryanto returned home to find his kitty, who felt so guilty, had gone out to the garden to find Haryanto a suitable replacement. A snake. Haryanto laughed and can’t stay mad anymore. (We completely understand, Haryanto)


The reactions were great:

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We’re just as in awe of the replacement gift as this cat:

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We give this cat two solid thumbs up for trying!


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source from : Cheezburger