9 Very Good Reasons To Hug Your Cat Today

June 4th is “Hug your cat day” so even though we, cat lovers, don’t really need reasons to hug our fluffy friends, we collected some of our favorite reasons to give them even more squeezes today. So…we’re off to give our kitty a cuddle, we suggest you do the same. 


  As a result of they assist you to unleash the love secretion


Research has proven that stroking a cat causes a release of the “love hormone” in humans. The technical term for this neurochemical is oxytocin, a hormone that is released when people fall in love. Oxytocin has also been proven to increase your emotional perception!

 Because he’s giving you those eyes again

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         Any minute now this cat’s huge saucer eyes will start hypnotizing you… 


Because that outfit would look so much better with cat fur

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Anyone who shares their home with a furry feline is battling cat hair – on our clothes, our furniture, and swirling around in bundles on the floor. 


Because you had a bad day and that’s the only thing that can comfort you

After a long stressful day, snuggling up with your kitty and petting their velvety fur can be just the thing to help you relax and unwind. How? Scientists claim there are 3 reasons behind this feel-good action. First, you’re interacting positively with an animal. Second, you’re moving in a steady, rhythmic way as your hand strokes kitty’s fur?—?hmmm, relaxing. Third, you’re devoting at least partial attention to this calming activity.

Because they’re good for your physical & mental health

Interaction with cats can not only help heal our bodies but also reduce the risk of heart attacks, lower our blood pressure and release dopamine and serotonin, which help regulate your mood, reduce stress and ultimately improve immune functioning.

  Because it’s been 15 minutes since the last hug

And we can’t wait any longer! 


 Because you’re brave and not afraid of a little scratch

Or even little bites…who said parenting is easy?

   Because they are so chill and you hope to hug them will help you chill too

  Because you know she loves you, too

In general, cats are very easy going pets. Essentially, they’re your perfect Sunday partner?—?willing to lie next to you all day whilst you watch your favorite Netflix show.


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